Xytomax: Total Performance Enhancement

After extensive research in the field of human improvement, Dr. Alexander Cowley had a shortlist of natural compounds that had been extensively tested and clinically demonstrated to improve the very issues so many men face. Because of the complexity of his formulation, Dr. Cowley chose not to go through the tedious and expensive process of FDA approval and instead to bring his discovery directly to the men of the world.  He teamed up with M-Labs to create a product men can trust.  The result: Xytomax.

In addition, Xytomax contains a blend of stimulants and adaptogens to help fuel the sexual recovery process.  You'll be amazed by the results! 

Xytomax Benefits

Bigger, rock-solid, longer-lasting erections.

Your erections will be noticeably larger and harder - your partner will definitely notice! A combination of androgenic compounds stimulates your body's libido. In addition, you'll feel the total confidence of being able to completely satisfy your partner.

Sex that lasts as long as you want. 

You'll experience unbelievable staying power and control while using Xytomax. The herbal ingredients in the formula inhibit the creation of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), the compound produced by the body that diminishes erections. This is the very same chemical reaction used by the "little blue pill" to keep a man erect all night long. You'll revel in your newfound ability to last as long as you want.

What Can I Expect?

xytomax results graphMonth 1

Arousal will be easier than ever before—you may even begin to notice some very exciting changes in your erection, in both girth and length.

Months 2-3

If you have ever suffered from premature ejaculation, you will find that this is no longer an issue for you by month three.  You will see that your penis is noticeably bigger and thicker than before. Sexual stamina and endurance will reach new heights. 

Months 4-6

Your climaxes will be extraordinary, and so will your partner's.  You won't believe how much harder and stronger your penis has become.  This growth will enhance your confidence both in and out of bed.  Your overall energy level will increase as well, and you will experience general sense of well being.

Month 6-9

Sexual endurance will continue to increase.  You will discover the ability to choose when you are ready to ejaculate.  Your semen will increase in volume and your ejaculations will be more powerful as well.  Your energy level will continue to rise.  Many men find that they are wearing out their partners at this point.

Months 9-12

You will achieve the pinnacle of sexual performance.  Your erection will be rock-hard and significantly larger than before in both length and girth.  Thanks to a diminished refractory period, you will be capable of multiple sexual encounters in the same evening.  Overall energy levels greatly increase.  Many men have said they feel as though they’re 16 again. 

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