Dr. Cowley's formula combines herbal and botanical extracts into a uniquely powerful male enhancement supplement.  The Xytomax ingredients list is the result of countless hours of research and experimentation.  A brief description of the key ingredients follows.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3)

One of the water-soluble B-complex vitamins, niacinamide has been proven in clinical studies to elevate dopamine levels, a hormone that can increase sexual arousal and function.   

Zinc (zinc oxide)

This essential mineral is required for protein production and is part of more than 200 enzymes in the body.  For instance, zinc is vital to the body’s production of semen.  It can also aid with sexual health and performance.

Epimedium saggitatum (standardized to 10% icariin) 

This ancient Chinese herb is traditionally known as Horny Goat Weed.  According to legend, its aphrodisiac effects were discovered by shepherds whose flocks ate the plant and went into a sexual frenzy.  In addition to its strong aphrodisiac effects, icariin seems to counteract the chemical processes that cause sexual dysfunction.

Maca root

A respected plant from Peru, maca root is famed for its ability to energize the body and improve sexual vitality. South Americans regard maca as a substitute for Viagra-like pharmaceuticals.

Guarana extract (standardized to 20% caffeine) 

Guarana is a creeping shrub that is native to Venezuela and northern Brazil.  It has stimulant as well as aphrodisiac properties.

Korean ginseng root

An ancient aphrodisiac that has been used in folk medicine for over 2,000 years, Korean ginseng root is said to be a sexual enhancer that causes stimulation of the genital area to heightens pleasure.  In addition ginseng is an adaptogen, which helps the body cope with stress.


This amino acid helps form nitric oxide, which is crucial to the vasodilatation of the penile area, producing swelling and hardness.  Elevated levels of l-arginine help to create permanent growth in the penis by stretching the erectile chambers over time.

Muira puama 

Muira puama is a native herb that grows in the forests of Brazil that has been long associated with improvement of the libido and greatly increased sexual potency.

Longjack Extract

Usage of the botanical longjack can enhance the libido, maximize testosterone production and create massive ejaculatory volumes.  

Avena sativa (concentrated 10:1 )

Medicinally used since the Middle Ages, avena sativa is known to free up bound testosterone, making it more active.  This in turn supplies stamina and erection longevity.

Yohimbe bark extract (2% yohimbine) 

This bark of Yohimbe comes from Africa and can amplify sexual performance. Yohimbe works by blocking alpha-adrenergic receptors that produce solid, long lasting erections.

Ginkgo Biloba extract (24% flavoneglycosides & 6% terpenelactones) 

The ginkgo is said to be among the oldest living tree species in the world.  The trees extract has been used to help men with sexual dysfunction problems by increasing drive and stamina.

Saw palmetto (berry) 

Saw palmetto primarily acts to help bring the body’s hormones into balance. It can also act as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac, facilitating arousal.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa extract 

The Chinese have used the seeds of Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa to extend the duration of an erection by increasing vasodilatation for centuries.  The seeds can also cause muscle relaxation, inducing a rise in blood flow to the penis so that it stays erect longer.

Cnidium Monnieri extract 

This extract has been found to help relax the corpus cavernosa of the penis, which aids blood circulation and provides longer, stronger erections that boost sexual energy.

GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid) 

Gaba Increases dopamine levels, igniting a euphoric feeling and increasing sensations during orgasm GABA is good for depressed sex drive because of its ability as a relaxant.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is used by bees to provide developing queen larvae with all the nutrients they need. Royal jelly is rich in amino acids, which improve blood flow to the penis for a stronger erection.

Damiana (leaf)

Used as an aphrodisiac the Damiana leaf delivers oxygen to the genital area and has been used to treat impotence in men. 

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